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15 Hypergeometric FunctionProperties

§15.3 Graphics


§15.3(i) Graphs

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Figure 15.3.1: F(43,916;145;x),-100x1. Magnify
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Figure 15.3.2: F(5,-10;1;x),-0.023x1. Magnify
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Figure 15.3.3: F(1,-10;10;x),-3x1. Magnify
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Figure 15.3.4: F(5,10;1;x),-1x0.022. Magnify

§15.3(ii) Surfaces

In Figures 15.3.5 and 15.3.6, height corresponds to the absolute value of the function and color to the phase. See also About Color Map.

Figure 15.3.5: F(43,916;145;x+iy),0x2,-0.5y0.5. (There is a cut along the real axis from 1 to .) Magnify
Figure 15.3.6: F(-3,35;u+iv;12),-6u2,-2v2. (With c=u+iv the only poles occur at c=0,-1,-2; compare §15.2(ii).) Magnify
Figure 15.3.7: |F(-3,35;u+iv;12)|,-6u2,-2v2. Magnify